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Do you do face-to-face events?
LifeBites is for you!

Deliver a distinctive value experience to your audience.

LifeBites is a platform that chronologically orders all the photos of your event so that when you see them you can relive them as they happened.

Invite your attendees

Create your private or public event and send invites to your attendees to join the official album. A countdown is generated to let users know when your event starts.

You can provide a link to the site to purchase their tickets or load past events for your users to watch. LifeBites is retroactive so your attendees can upload their photos from past events whenever they want. 


Create community

Bring your audience together by giving them a chance to browse all event photos by their milestones and view it from multiple angles.

You will be able to share the official photos for them to download and share on their Social Networks as well as comment on the photos with the other attendees.

Watching photos in this way creates a strong sense of community and relevance with a high emotional impact 💛 that your audience will appreciate.

find out what happened

Receive anonymous metrics on how your event was perceived by the public. What was liked the most, its exponential digital reach and its historical performance will allow you to better understand how your event worked.

We want to give you solid arguments that allow you to better value your digital window. We transform the big data of your event in smart data.

custom KPI's

want to know more?

Leave us your contact or schedule a video call se we can discuss how LifeBites can deliver value to the events you create.

We will get in touch!

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