Do you create face-to-face events?
LifeBites is for you!

Do you want to deliver a distinctive value experience to your audience?

LifeBites is a platform that automatically sorts photos by the place and time in which they actually occurred, making it easy to create collaborative records ordered chronologically.

What are the advantages?


Bring your community together

Gather your audience by giving them a valuable collective experiences of high emotional impact.


retain your audience

There is no better marketing than seeing someone you know living an amazing experience  who invites you to do it yourself. Meet and connect with your audience.


meaningful metrics

Get definite metrics on how your events perform, from the number of attendees to the digital exponential viewing or even what was the most liked thing about your event.


value your digital window

Understand the branding exposure of your sponsors in placement, activations or simply by the reach of the naming right of an stage.

You want to know more?

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