Let's review the interface and its functionalities.

the wall

See contact photos

Go to photos of the event

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Go to photos of the event

Ir a fotos más recientes

Switch to chronological mode

Upload photos, add contacts, create events or places

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Change of location

Space view

Time view

Changing the visibility

Photo options

Grid view

Go to the most current photo

Go to the oldest photo

Vision filters

Exit chronological

chronological mode
filtros de visión
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Ver mis fotos

Ver solo fotos de un contacto

Ver fotos de todos mis contactos

Ver fotos públicas

Confirmar filtros


When you upload a photo, you decide who can see it . By giving visibility you give access to  someone to the photo, not the  you give or duplicates,   or give new ones access whenever you like. It is for this dynamic and retroactive reason   that we don't call it sharing :)

You have 4 ways to give visibility :


Only you see it

Share contact.png

Only selected contacts see it

Share event.png
Event *

Everyone who participates in the event will be able to see it

Share public.png
Public **

Everyone can see it. Anonymous for those who are not contacts.

* The photos that you share to a public event are not counted in your storage.
** The photos you make public are not counted in your storage.
For more information, review our General Policies.


View General Policies

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