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Let's review the interface and its functionalities.


Latest photos uploaded to albums

Go to album photos

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Go to latest photos

Search for events, contacts, places, or public photos

Go to the beginning of the album day

Upload photos, add contacts, create events or places

See your notifications

album view
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Album change

Time view

Visibility change

Back to start

Space view

Photo options

Grid view

Vision filters

vision filters

The filters you select will apply to the album as  also if you use the GRID or TIME VIEW.

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See my photos

Watch only photos from contact

Touch background to confirm filters


Watch public photos

Watch photos of all my contacts


When you upload a photo, you decide who can see it. By sharing you are giving access to someone to the photo, nor la do not assign or duplicate, and you can withdraw or give new access whenever you like.

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You confirm chosen privacy

Only selected contacts see it

Only you see it

Everyone will be able to see it. Anonymous for non-contact

Everyone who participates in the event will be able to see it

*   The ones you make public are not counted in your storage.
** Las 
that shares to a public event are not counted in your storage.
For more information check our General Policies.


View General Policies

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