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"bites of life"
where and when did they occur

LifeBites automatically keeps all our photos sorted by date and place of creation so that we can enjoy "consuming" our memories as they happened.

It is ordered only with the date and place of creation.


Gather the point of view of everyone who was there


You choose who to share
private or public.



Why LifeBites?


automatic order, say goodbye to albums

It is ordered alone! by the time and place where you took the photo, as well as it happened in real life, so that looking for your photos is something natural.

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really collective experiences

Collect the point of view of all the attendees of an event arranged in chronological order so that you can see them from all angles.


sharing made easy

Easily choose who to share and always have control over giving, or if you decide to remove, a contact's access to your photo. You can choose one or more contacts.

Detail photo.png

see the photos in detail

We were used to seeing low quality photos! Now see your photos together with those of your contacts in the highest quality and you will discover unseen details.


fill the cloud, not your phone

Have all your photos and those that you have always shared at hand on your phone without running out of space. You no longer have to erase precious memories.

All photos.png

millions of photos at your disposal

The photos that your contacts share and the public ones will not take up space in your storage and will be available forever.


privacy, fundamental right

We will keep your information private. Unlike other Social Networks, we do not sell your information to third parties. And you will be free of advertising!


you are in control, not an algorithm

Do you want to see your favorite song again at the concert you attended? The space-time controls will allow you to navigate easily.

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leave your mark, make history

Every story has a where and a when. Share your point of view of what you've seen to family, friends, or even the world!

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A picture is worth a thousand words

Focus on reliving your memories and connect with your emotions without distractions.
Use your usual channel to comment, on LifeBites the images tell the story.

general rule




You can only upload photos from your cell phone
with the corresponding data of
place (GPS) and
creation time.

You can share them to your contacts, keep them private or make them public. All the photos you make public will be anonymous to those other than your contacts.




You have seven free gigabytes in your account ...
then we will charge you but very little;)

Only your photos will use storage space.
The ones you make public don't.


check below the policies and conditions of use

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